Food For Thought....

A very dear and close freind said this and I wanted to share and get thoughts on it: Relationships should not be a means of not being alone or instant comfort during times of duress. Truly make sure that you are with someone for the shelter of love that their heart can provide you. That person should respect you and love you in person and while you are away. I am tired of the out of sight out of mind attitudes that so many have. Treat that person as if they were a winning lottery ticket and you will get your prize in return....Diana Thomas

So my question to you all: Do you want your prize or do you just by the ticket for the game? So many people get married for the wrong reasons comfort,security,a title, I can go on and on. Unfortunatley, we believe that marriage is the final result of goals from a female perspective we are groomed for it all of our lives. We are told to get an education, carry ourselves like a lady, we are taught to cook and keep house so we can settle down and live happily ever after. When I was in college I had friends that were there to meet their husband and not so much focus on their career. Don't get me wrong they would graduate and have a degree, but their goal was to find a husband that could take care of them and as soon as they were able to stop work they did.

Then we have women that get married and want to put limitations on what they will do sexually for their husbands. Ladies what you won't do someone else will. It is ok to embrace the inner freak for your husband. Your union is blessed and covered by God. Stop telling your man no and not being willing to try things. NO!!! I'm not saying bring other women in your bed or do any S&M crazy stuff. But if he wants you to put on an outfit, put it on. If he wants you to role play, hell ask for the script. Don't be so closed minded that you loose what you signed up for and end up hurt in the end.

Men stop marrying women because you are getting old and its time. Wrong answer! Don't let any woman pressure you using that either. Age is just that age, it isn't the defining factor to making a decision that will and can change your life forever. If you aren't ready for marriage don't do it, point blank simple. If she loves you and is the one she will wait until you are ready so the marriage can be genuine and have a real chance to stand the test of time. Therefore, being out of sight will never mean out of mind.

Well these are just a few of my thoughts on this. I would love to hear yours.

I'll leave you with this quote:



Food For Thought....

Hello world, have you missed me? I know I've been gone for sometime, but sometimes life happens and you have to deal with it. With doing so it gave me time to begin to put things in perspective and try and put things in order and motion. It is a slow task cause change doesn't happen over night, especially when it is life changes.

I have been working on my book once again diligently and with doing so questions have come to mind. I thought I would put them on the blog hoping to get some insight. As I write and piece together stories, memories etc., for the book it makes me question men. I asked a question to some not to long ago and I thought I should put it on here. My question: Why is it that some men have to have a wife, a girlfriend, and a ride or die chick? Isn't your ride or die suppose to be equivalent to all?

This has really been on my mind. I don't think as teenagers or young adults we think about this at all. I can speak for myself and growing up where I did my goal was always to be the ride or die. That friend, your right hand, lover and the one that was there through the good and the bad. Now I see so many people getting married because supposedly it is the ultimate goal. Why isn't happiness the ultimate goal, meaning it could be marriage, career, piece of mind or just living.

We get so caught up in the "American Dream" and lose our own dreams. I have sacrificed so much doing what I thought would please everyone else and now I am realizing that I got caught up in the dream as well. There comes a time when you have to wake-up before you miss living your life because the entire time you were sleep living in a dream instead of living your life.

Just my take on it tell me what is yours?

Won my heart....

What happens when you meet that special someone and you know you can't have them? That was the case with Alexis she just relocated to the DC area and life was great. The biggest downfall was her relationship, of 4 years. Tony was the perfect mate; a friend, supportive, loving and successful, but his insecurities were slowly putting a wedge between them. Right before she accepted her new job he had proposed and now she was second guessing her entire relationship. "What is next?, can they get passed this? or does she need to cut all ties, are some of her daily thoughts.

Luckily, one of her closest friends lived in DC and was there to show her there to show her the ropes. Lisa and Alexis met in college and were practically inseparable ever since. This was the first time in 10 years they lived in the same state so they were enjoying every minute of it. This was one of the main reasons Tony was feeling more and more uncomfortable, because Lisa was single and loved to let it be known that she wanted it to stay that way. Even though Lisa was a very sought after attorney for her work, as well as her looks she was in no hurry to be settled down. Therefore, after work on Friday the two of them hit the DC scene for drinks and mingling.

This particular Friday changed it all for Alexis and she wasn't even expecting it:


Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you for all the support and love. Please continue to spread the word about my journey into blog lane and leave comments. This way I can know how I am doing and if everyone that comes by is enjoying the blog. I am currently working to make this story into my first book. I will keep everyone posted on my progress.

I am going to continue with the blog and I should have a new story idea with in the next week or two. Please don't give up and continue to support. Thank you and God Bless!

Remember if you put your mind to it you can make your Dreams a reality.


The love that got away....Intro.

They met when they were 15. They talked everyday and every night like they didn't go to the same school. It never got tired until one day Teri realized that James may be to sweet for her, man was she wrong. Teri did what most girls/women do, put him in the friend zone. She was just too young to realize that she had encountered her first love.

This experience laid the foundation to dates, relationships and experiences that help to mode Teri into the woman she is today. Yes they crossed each others path off and on in their adult lives and the chemistry still remains. Unfortunately they said I do with other people when they should have said it to one another....

Why Not?...

It was Teri's Junior year away at school and she was on the countdown for semester break. This week off was so needed and being around her family and friends that she did not get to see was going to help her relax. The entire vacation was planned and it consisted of sleepng, hanging out, and yes more sleeping. It was her last class for the week and her bestfriend called her to let her know that Brian (Teri's boyfriend) was spotted with another girl.

After listening to the voicemail the tears just began to flow. Teri and Brian had been together since their junior year of high school and now her world was crashing and her heart felt like it stopped beating. Even though this wasn't the first time this had happened, all she could think about was why now? He promised never again and did everything to gain her trust and the sex was 10 times better then ever." Why? am I not pretty enough, am I too fat, do I put limitations on what we do intimately?" The questions kept coming as the tears kept falling.

"Dang! I must of cried myself to sleep. I should have left to drive home hours ago." The school is three hours away it is 5 o'clock in the evening and she should have been on the road at 2. Still trying to pull herself together she finishes packing to hit the highway. She grabbed her bag, purse, and cell phone and dotted out of the door. As she put her seatbelt on she realized she had several missed calls and three of them were from Brian. Teri ignored the calls put on some music and started driving.

Once she realized that she was almost home she decided to call Danielle to get the details of what she had seen. As the conversation ended they decided to meet at one of their chill spots in the downtown area. To Teri's surprise when she pulled up to her parents house Brian was there waiting on her, she was so not in the mood for this. All of the thoughts started running through her head again but instead of tears she got pissed. She made up in her mind it was over and she was not dealing with the bull any longer.

As Teri walked in the house she was explaining how she fell asleep and that was why she was late. Her parents understood, but they were on there way out of the door for a gathering they were running late for. They hugged and kissed her, and all she could think was don't leave me here with him. Brian was family, him and Teri had been together for over four years and everyone was just waiting on the proposal. He was perfect he had the looks and the brains on top of it he spoiled her rotten.

He walked up to hug her as her parents left, but all she could say is "NO!" Surprised, his response was "WHY?" "Ask ole girl you were hugged up with at the comedy club", Teri responded. Defensively, Brian begins to explain. "wasn't like that, whoever told you that lied, I would never do that to you", etc....The excuses went in one ear and out the other. But as he was talking Teri was undressing to meet her BF for drinks to help forget what he had done. As she began to undress she realized it was a bad idea, see even though she was pissed she still couldn't tell him no and she still was in love.

The arguement continued and got heated, literally. Brian continued to plead his case as she continued to change clothes. Not even noticing he was getting turned on. He grabbed her threw her on the bed pinned her down and began kissng her. She fought briefly but the truth was she loved him and she missed him. The kisses became more passionate and the sexy liquid stretch pants were being peeled off.

They go to two different schools and they only get to see one another once or twice a month. Even though she was pissed she wanted him also. Therefore, she stopped fighting as the pants came off, the condom went on and she opened and allowed him to enter inside of her. But something was different this time, although with every stroke and move it felt great she still felt betrayed and hurt. Even through the passion and the love that she knew was real regardless of where and what he did the night before the tears came as their body's became one. Yes she loved him but something was missing...

Brian left, Teri got dressed and went to meet Danielle. Her mind was racing and she couldn't wait to talk to her bestie. Danielle and Teri had been friends since elementary school and they talk about everything. She walked in the Tavern and as she seen Dani at the table waiting someone else caught her eye. He had a hat on but, that was a face she will never forget. As she started to walk towards the table their eyes connected and he began to smile and get out of the seat. He walked over and it was really him, James? He didn't respond he just grabbed her and hugged her. Her heart dropped, she needed this after the day and night she had just had.....

(cont) Why Not?...

As they embraced so many things were running through Teri's mind. But all she kept thinking about was how this was a happy ending to a horrible day and she was smiling just as hard on the inside as she was on the outside. After the hug she began to ask questions but, James put his finger on her lips saying shhhh. Teri had her cell phone in her hand he took the phone and put his number in her address book then called his phone so he can have her number as well. Still in shock she didn't stop him from doing anything, she just stood there in disarray. Dani saying, "Jay is that you?" brought Teri out of her trance. James turned and hugged Dani, and they started small talk very briefly. He turned and asked Teri, "what are your plans for tomorrow?" "So far just lunch with friends", she responded. He said, "good the rest of the day will be with me let's say around 5". Of course she responded yes, he hugged her again and as he pulled her close whispered in her ear "be sure to clear it with your man". Teri didn't respond to the comment as James sat back down with his boys. While walking away with Dani he yelled out 5 o'clock sharp.

As soon as they got to the table Dani started discussing the Brian issue. Everything went in one ear and out the other, Teri was in the zone trying to figure out what she was going to tell Brian. Then she was like to hell with him, but she didn't realize she said it out loud. Teri Shhhhh, Danielle shouted out people are looking at you. Teri looked around their table to see who was looking, then immediately asked her BF did James look over here? No, Dani replied, what is wrong with you? Teri began to run down the events that took place before they met up. Teri how could you? I told you he was with ole girl and you still gave him some. Hold on Dani, I know what you told me but at the end of the day Brian is still my man and I love him. So now everything is all good,? Girl you should have told him to kick rocks with flipflops. The two friends start to laugh and finally began their night of catching up and kicking it the way they have since they were kids.

Danielle loved when Teri came back in town. Even though she was only a few hours away that was the only time they could really catch up. Dani stayed home and went to the local university and to keep up with her no good boyfriend Derrick. Unfortunately in the process she got pregnant and dropped out of school. So now she works and lives her college life vicariously through her bestfriend. The drinks were good and the food made it even better. The atmosphere and company also helped Teri to keep her eyes at her table and not wander over to James. She could here his voice over the loud talking and music on the jukebox, she didn't understand how or why she had all this stuff going on in her mind and in her tummy. Dani I'm going to run to the restroom then we can go, Bet Dani replied.

As she was walking back to the table she no longer seen the back of the Marc Buchanan leather jacket. I can't believe he didn't say bye, you still got it bad for him after all these years wow. Shut up! I mean we haven't seen each other since I transfered high schools I just expected, oh well he probably won't call either. Damn shame that somethings never change. What are you talking about Dani? He waited before he left but one of his boys had to make a run he still knows you like the back of his hand. Whatever you don't know what you are talking about, yes I do he told me to give you this. He said that he will not hear the end of it when he picks you up tomorrow if he didn't say good-bye. Teri took the letter and couldn't stop smiling.

It was Friday morning and Teri had mixed feelings about today. She was excited and nervous all at the same time. See James knows about Brian, they were still really good friends when they met in high school. But Brian doesn't know about James and if he did he would have a fit. As she got ready for lunch with her girls she kept thinking about the note he left at the table with Dani. She really didn't know what was going to come out of the night, but her main concern was not running into Brian while they were out.

Lunch was great and now she was changing into outfit number 2 for the day. After getting situated she read the note again:

Sorry I couldn't stay to say goodnight but I will make it up to you tomorrow. Make sure to dress comfortable but cute and pack a over night bag cause you are staying with me. If you get home from lunch early call and let me know and I will be on my way.

Until Tomorrow,

Teri didn't want to seem eager but she called and they agreed on 3pm instead. When she heard the doorbell ring her heart dropped. She ran down the stairs to open the door and she realized right then and there what she missed out on. James still knew her better then anyone, he was standing there with a teddy bear in his arms for her. Awwww thank you Jay, he is so cute. I know you love stuffed animals so I thought of you when I was out running my errands. Where are your parents? My dad is out doing whatever and my mom is at the grocery store. But both remember you and told me to tell you hello and they will catch up with you next time. Well shall we go? and do you have your over night bag? James, you were serious? Yes,so do you need time to pack one? T, we have a lot of catching up to do and I don't want to have to stop and bring you home. But I will be here until next thursday, Teri said . But I won't, I leave for Europe Sunday morning and when I saw you I knew right then and there I wanted to spend my last two days with you. So go grab your things so we can go we have reservations at 8 and have time to kick it before then.

Teri ran upstairs and she was smiling and wanting to cry all at the same time. All these years and now he is leaving in two days. Good thing she packed a bag just in case it wasn't a joke, I'm coming let me grab one last thing. As Teri came back down and grabbed her things James asked, whatever happen with Brian? She continued locking the door as James walked over to his truck in the driveway. Teri, didn't answer, not because she was ashamed or didn't love Brian but because she didn't understand what she was feeling right then. As she hopped up into the Escalade, she said by the way how long are you going to be in Europe? A year or two not sure yet, James responded. Teri told herself in he mind not to get her hopes up. Little did she know that James had been wishing for this day for years......

A little too late...

Teri didn't know what to think or expect at this point. Driving away next to this man and not knowing what he has planned for them, next thing you know Brian's face popped up on her phone. Her heart started pounding, she hadn't heard from him since the first day she got home. For some crazy reason she wanted to answer the phone, but she didn't instead she reminded herself where she was and who she was with.

"So what is in Europe?", Teri asked. "Don't damper the mood by focusing on me leaving T. Let's just enjoy our time together, I promise you I will fill you in of all the details". "James why the secret, it must have something to do with a female. We use to talk about everything don't hold back now", she said sarcastically. James started laughing, get out the car we are here. Teri didn't even realize where he was driving to, she had not been here in so long. She started grinning from ear to ear as he walked around to open her door. He took her hand and helped her get out the truck and he said "we can walk and talk".

It is March in Michigan so they were a little bundled up, but the sun was out and the atmosphere by the lake is amazing. So James where should we begin? Well Lady T, how about we start with you and Brian cause that is where we left off. Teri's throat went dry and she didn't want to talk about him. It's OK Teri, James said I know you two are still together. WHAT!! how, have you been keeping tab's on me? No "T" I'm not keeping tabs I seen you with him not to long ago. Why didn't you speak let me know you were there? It wouldn't have been appropriate I was with a female friend also so it really wasn't a good idea. So tell me who is this female, and where is she now? No Missy, back to Brian. Ok, ok what do you want to know, and why are you so concerned about him? I want to know where the two of you stand today.

Teri, didn't know what to say, hell just yesterday Brian was inside of her bringing her to ecstasy. What she did know was that she had these little butterflies in her stomach and she could never lie to James even if she wanted to. Well yes Brian and I are still technically together, but we are not on good terms right now. They were starting to walk out on a small bridge over the lake. Teri was getting colder and nervous and James noticed it. He put his arm around her and asked " What he do this time?" She began to laugh, you know it's true James said.

Let's see, we have been together since high school, we go to to separate colleges, we see each other a couple of times a month. Teri, cut it out what is really going on? Baby I can see it in your eyes I know you to well as James insisted on getting the truth. Teri felt herself getting choked up, "how can he still know me this well after all these years?" They were leaning over the rail and looking out to the water. James took Teri's hand and she looked into his eyes. "T" its me talk to me, something is wrong let me in.

The tears were swelling up and she was trying to keep it together. She blurted out, "I just can't trust him anymore. Brian cheated on me last summer and our relationship just hasn't been the same. I really think we stay together just because everyone expects us to since we have been together so long, but I'm tired of dealing with it." "Then don't James interjected, you deserve better. Teri, you are the perfect woman and any man would be lucky to have you." Next thing you know Brian was calling. She looked at the phone then looked at James. Answer it he said, I don't want to be rude Teri responded. Just answer the phone.

Hello, Teri said as she answered the phone. Where are you I have been calling you all day, Brian yelled into the phone. I told you I had plans with friends today stop trippin', Teri snapped back. It is almost 6pm and I haven't heard from you I wanted us to catch a movie and spend some time together. I know I messed up Teri and I want to make it up to you, Brian said. I love you and yes I was out with that girl but I didn't hit it I sware. We had some drinks and just kicked it. I haven't been with anyone else since the last time. I'm really trying to be a better man for our future. Brian just continued to go on and on but Teri was watching James from a far as she held the phone. James realized that she was watching him and their eyes connected and he gazed into her eyes the same way he use to when they were in high school. Brian, I have to go. What what about us hooking up Brian yelled out. I will call you later right now I'm in the middle of something, I have to go. She walked back over to James and apologized about the call, you are good he replied. Do I need to take you back to your parents house? No, not at all you leave Sunday and I don't know when I'm going to see you again. Well its getting late and we need to go back to my house and get changed for dinner, James said. Wait you said casual and cute I need to change?, Teri asked.

The drive back to James house was kinda quiet. Teri was starring out of the window in confusion. She couldn't believe that Brian actually wanted to have a date night on a Friday. He usually is out with his boys Friday and Saturday night whenever they are back home in the city. Teri started to feel guilty for being with James, especially since her man wanted to spend time with her for a change. James didn't live to far from the lake and he had his own thoughts of confusion going on during the drive. James was just hoping that everything went as planned and how was Teri going to react when he tells her about his secret.

They pulled up to the condo and James opened her door, always being a perfect gentleman. He takes her and tells Teri to follow him. He takes her into his guest room. Teri didn't know what to think at this point, she didn't know to be happy or not. She just told herself to go with the flow. As she walked further into the room she noticed a box on the bed. James comes in behind her and whispers in her ear open it its for you. "James what is this for?" Teri asked. Just open it and let me know if you like it or not, James stated. Teri opens the box and there is a very cute black wrap dress. James, what is this for and how did you know my size! Do you like it James asked? I love it, good now put it on so we aren't late for dinner James yelled out as he closed the door to the guest room.

Teri got dressed and touched up her makeup. She was all dolled up and ready to go. She went to open the door and was startled by James. Wow, you look great! Thank you, Teri responded, you don't look to bad yourself. How about a glass of wine before we go, James suggested. Teri said wine sounds good as she sat down on the sofa. James sat down next to Teri on the sofa and as he gave her her glass asked what happen on the phone with Brian? Honestly Teri responded he was trying to have a date night. Oh do you need me to drop you off somewhere James asked. No Teri said I want to be with you tonight. Are you sure about that Teri, I don't want to keep you from anything or anyone. Don't we have reservations in a few Teri asked. Yes we should go James responded. They both headed for the door and as James reached to unlock and open it he stopped and looked at Teri and said thanks. For what she asked, James responded for choosing me. Teri almost burst into tears, she regretted choosing Brian over James for years and now here they are again. Teri didn't say anything but James didn't expect her to. But before he opened the door he kissed her passionately to show his gratitude......

Not enough time.....

As the two released from the sensual, passionate short kiss James whispered "we should go". Teri was blown away by the kiss, but of course she had to snap back and not let James know. James opened the truck door being the gentleman that he always is and held Teri's hand to help her up. As James walked around to the driver's side his phone rung and he stopped and took the call. All Teri could think was, I knew it was too good to be true that is the girlfriend calling. When James got into the truck Teri noticed this blank look on his face. Is everything ok? you look like you have seen a ghost. No I'm good, James responded let's go. Teri was curious but didn't want to ruin the night, it was going so well and that kiss had her on cloud nine.

As they were riding and talking a song came on that had both of them go completely silent. Wow is this really on the radio right now, asked Teri. Man this song has some memories, James responded. Teri started to relive the past in her head as the song continued to play. James, do you remember being on the phone all night and not wanting to hangup so we would fall asleep and wake up hours later not missing a beat? Yes, or when I wasn't suppose to be on the phone so you would call and let the phone ring once then hangup so I knew to call back, man the good ole days James said with a smile. They both started to sing the song, "I can't believe that this is happening to us we made vows to never depart". Isn't it crazy how Guy's Goodbye Love had us recall the love that we had, mumbled James.

What did you just say Jay?, asked Teri. James, glanced over at Teri and grabbed her hand it was love "T" we were just too young to know it. She did not know what to say, all she knew was that she had butterflies in her stomach and confusion in her mind. James, as Teri began to speak he cut her off we are here. As valet came to open the doors she started to regret this date. What have I gotten myself into, I have a man and he loves me, we are going to get married after college, have a family...Next thing you know James grabbed her hand and all of the anxiety and thoughts of Brian went away.

Ok when did this get here, asked Teri. James laughed, do you ever come home? Yes I do smarty pants but I don't usually go out on romantic evenings when I'm home. As they were being seated James asked why not? Isn't that part of being in a relationship to experience things like this. Yes but Brian and I are trying to finish school so we can do all of those things later. The waiter came over to take their orders. James ordered a bottle of their best wine, he had steak and Teri had the salmon. It was quiet during dinner, Teri was trying to figure out how she got herself into this and James was trying to figure out how the night was going to go.

They ordered desert and out of no where James began to stare at her. What?, she asked as she ate her chocolate cake. Teri, why did you react that way when I told you that I loved you when we were younger. Teri dropped her fork, she wasn't expecting that question at all. Honestly, I didn't know what to say, I realized that I loved you after I made my decision and I've just dealt with it. I just thought that you didn't feel the same way. I use to ask Dani all the time why won't he ask me to be his girlfriend? All the hours, nights, days that we spent so much time together. I mean really Jay people thought we were a couple when we weren't. Teri, we kinda were, you just wanted me to be "that guy" instead of letting me be your guy. "T" I was your best friend, I was your man without saying it, I wanted you to be my first and you ran from that and decided to be with Brian. So let me ask you, Are you happy? Teri, excused herself from the table and went to the restroom.

As she stared in the mirror she dreaded this day for years. The time when she would have to face the decision she made, why did she choose Brian? James is perfect and knows her like the back of his hand. On top of it all he was always there for her even when she didn't deserve it. Teri felt the tears coming, what has she done? Get it together "T". When she returned to the table James was gone, right when she was about to lose it a bellman from the hotel approached her. Ms. Wilson, yes that's me Teri answered. Mr. Randall asked me to take you to him, ok she responded. She followed him to the top floor where all the suites were located. He gave her a key and told her which room to enter. Teri walked slowly down the hall nervous from not knowing what to expect.

She opened the door and gasped for air. The view was amazing, Canada is always beautiful at night. The lights in the suite were dim, there was a bottle of wine in the kitchenette area and some of her favorite movies on the table in front of the sofa. As she entered the bedroom there were pink rose pedals on the bed and a box with her name on it. Teri opened the box to find a tank top and a pair of matching boy shorts. James knows her so well to not spend money on lingerie she hates it and considers it a waste.

Teri began to laugh and James appeared behind her with his arms grabbing her waist. She felt his breath on her neck, you never answered me are you happy "T"? Teri, dropped her head down and looked at the floor not saying yes or no. James began to unwrap her wrap dress by pulling on the ties and whispered in her ear. I have always loved you and I always will. Teri began to cry and slowly turned to face him. James continued, as he wiped her tears listen I know you have love for Brian I get that. I don't want you to do anything you don't want me to if you want to watch movies and talk all night we can, if you want to go home your things are here I will take you home. What does Teri want? I want you to tell me that I'm not just a piece of ass that got away and now you trying to make up for lost time before you get on some plane to go across the world, Teri shouted out.

Teri Lynn Wilson, you know me better then myself, James stated. Baby you can finish my sentences if you wanted to we fit like a puzzle it has been years and the chemistry is still here. Not because I need a nut I can get that anywhere, but because I have always wanted you no matter who I was with and now you are here. I'm not about to miss out on this opportunity for anyone or anything. You have a part of my heart that no other woman can ever touch and that is why we are here. James you are about to move to Europe, she responded and I'm still with Brian. "Do you love him?", James asked. "Yes I do" Teri answered, "But are you in love with him? Or are you dealing with it because of the time and that is what everyone expects you to do?" James questioned. Teri's head was spinning, James had a valid point even before she seen him she was willing to let Brian go.

The room was silent and Teri walked over to the bed. Look get dressed and I will take you home, No Teri yelled out. James turned around and seen his best friend in the entire world in pain and confusion. He went over to the bed and got down in front of her and said. I have you back in my life and I'm not letting you go, I will take whatever I can get you mean too much to me. Teri grabbed him around his neck and hugged like she was holding on for dear life. As the tears began to slow down and the embrace unwrapped their eyes locked like they use to when they were in world history class in high school.

Something came over them, something that was uncontrollable. James took his hand and began to part Teri's thighs gently. She wasn't hesitant at all as she realized that she was getting weaker and her body felt as if she was floating. It went so quickly and smooth that she missed when James pulled her panties off and now had began to massage her walls gently with his fingers as they began to kiss. He was so sensual and delicate to the touch that Teri couldn't think straight to register what was happening but she knew that she had never felt this way with anyone else. He slowly laid her back into the rose pedals that were positioned on the bed as he began to taste her sweetness in ways and places like never before. Teri was in such ecstasy she thought the room was spinning. Right before she reached her wonderful point of release everything stopped and James was entering her slowly and carefully making sure he touched every part of Teri. They began to move to a rhythmic pulse and their breath was on one accord and nothing else mattered in the world. This was the best feeling she had ever felt and she never wanted it to end. Her wish was coming true James had amazing control and he made love to Teri all over that suite causing her to have multiple orgasms. But the final one when they reached their pleasure peak was miraculous as they overlooked the water and the city lights of Canada. The screams of passion took over and they were the only ones in the hotel in their minds.

Three hours had passed and they were heading to the shower slowly and with great exhaustion. Teri had been completely blown away and she was in shock as well. No man had ever made her feel this way or touched her the way that James did this night. As they shower James reassured Teri that the ball is in her court and that he just really wants a chance to make things work. Don't worry about Europe and you can have all the time you need to determine what it is you want but I am here. Teri kissed him and said thank you and began to explain there are things that she doesn't understand and will need time but she doesn't regret what happened or how it happened. James said it isn't over we have an entire day left and maybe we can sort through somethings together.

"T" remember I told you I had to tell you something. Ummm yeah, wussup Teri responded as she washed her hair. I recently got out of a relationship, ok Teri says. My ex is pregnant, Teri drops the soap in the shower, She is WHAT?......

Not enough time.....(cont)

Pregnant! James are you serious? Teri, let me explain please, it isn't what you think. Really, you didn't just have sex with me for hours and then tell me that you are about to be a daddy, Teri shouted out as she got out of the shower. Teri, listen just hear me out. NO! You can go straight to Hell! You wined and dined me tell me how much I have always been in your heart. For what, for you to get my hopes up and put a knife in my heart. I trusted you James, and this is the bull you dish out to me, Teri storms out in a rage.

James doesn't know what to do now. He just didn't want to keep anything from her now that she was back in his life. "Damn, what am I going to do now? How am I going to get her to hear me out?" He turns off the shower and starts to dry off with so many thoughts in his mind. All he wanted to do was be straight up just in case they have a chance to make it later. He wants Teri in his life forever as a friend if nothing more and now he is worried that he has ruined that chance.

Teri, had never felt so used and betrayed in her life. "How could he do this to me?" she thought. James is the one man that she trusted no matter what and this is how he repays her. "I don't believe I just had sex with him, I just cheated on my man and for what?" Teri grabbed her cell phone to call Dani, but before she could dial the number she heard James talking to someone. "Who is he talking to?" she thought, Teri raised up off the bed and walked to the door slowly.

"Polo, I told her about the baby and I think I have ruined everything. Naw dog, she didn't give me a chance to explain anything. I just need to figure out how to make this right. You know how much she means to me and how long I have waited to spend time like this with her. Lo, I don't know, what should I do?" As Teri stood there eaves dropping her rage decreased. "Who is he talking to and why is he so concerned about us when he has a baby on the way", Teri was thinking to herself. She opened the door and James looked up, "Lo, I'll hit you up later" James said as he hung up the phone.

Teri, baby will you please let me explain? James how could you touch me and feel me the way that you did just to turn around and hurt me like this. I know that we haven't seen each other in years but damn, I thought we were better then that. "T", that's why I had to tell you cause we are better then that. Our night has been perfect and the way that we just made love was amazing that's why I had to tell you. We could have easily kicked it all night and all day tomorrow I would have got on a plane and that would have been that. You mean far too much to me for me to do you like that. Ok so tell me what is going on, Teri asked as she sat down in a chair across the room from him.

Well, this young lady and myself have been dating off and on since my freshman year in college. We had never been in a real committed relationship just dated hear and there and we would have sex but that was it. So about a year ago we decided to become a couple everything was good in the beginning. Then she got real possesive and would do stalker type things. Stalker? like what Jay asked Teri. "T" She would show up at places that she knew I would be with my friends, family a couple of times she even showed up at events for my job. Ok,ok so if she does all this how in the world is she pregnant now, clearly it wasn't that much of a bother to you. It got crazy Teri, but once I took the architect job that I have now she couldn't keep up with me. Once I left school and started working full-time we never had time for one another. But my company had a masqurade ball planned for last Halloween, somehow she found out about it and showed up.

Wait, so the two of you weren't really speaking but she was still tracking you down? Yes, but I didn't even know it that was the crazy part. Jay you should have taken a restrainig order out on her, hell is she going to be in the elevator when we leave. Not funny "T", now the next part is going to be hard to believe so listen closely. "If it is going to make me mad I don't even want to know", said Teri. Let me get back to the ball cause that is where it all went down. My date was someone that went to school with both of us but I didn't know that they knew one another. Now me and ole girl had been kicking it for like a month on the low cause I never knew what to expect from Shauna. We were at the ball enjoying ourselves dancing, laughing drinkig the whole nine. So Lisa, my date, went to the restroom and when she came back the party continued like nothing had changed but little did I know that I was dancing with Shauna. What! ok now you are going to far James. No, baby please hear me out, the ball was in the Renissance so I had a room for after the ball. But what I didn't know was that Lisa and Shauna were in on this together. "Huh, what do you mean", Teri asked in confusion.

See Lisa and I were dating for a month or so and she apporached me at school. But what I learned later was that when I was disassociating myself from Shauna they started working together. To make a long story short, after the ball I went to my room with who I thought was Lisa and it turned out to be Shauna. You know what you are full of it James. I sware to you Teri, James walks over as he continues to explain what happened. She kept her masque on all night I didn't really think much of it hell it was halloween. Once we got to the room she undressed and kept the masque on I figured she was being a little freaky. I had never been with Lisa so I had no idea of knowing how she got down. Where I was wrong was that once the masque came off it was during the sex and I kept going when I should have stopped.

So let me get this straight?, Teri asked. You cut Shauna off cause she was crazy, she then got Lisa to date you with plans to one day get you again. I know it sounds crazy but I sware to you it's the truth, James pleaded. Ok so after you realized that it was Shauna you just continued to have sex like it was no big deal. Look, I regret that everyday and I should have got her off me but I was caught up in the moment. It got ugly afterwards and I put her out, but the damage was done she called me two months later telling me she was pregnant. That was when I seen you and Brian out, she was telling me that night. Wow, this is crazy, I mean she has issues but you were stupid to continue doing what you were doing once you realized what was going. The frustration began to start all over for Teri. But not because she was feeling used but because now she was mad cause her friend did something so stupid.

Teri walks into the kitchen and begins to open the wine up. But of course James stops her so he can do it. Teri, listen this doesn't change how I feel about you and I hope you can say the same. Shauna and I are in a better place I'm going to take care of my son and that is that. Son, Teri reapeated, you already know what you are having? Yes, that was the phone call I got today when you said I seen a ghost. She had a doctor's appointment but I had so much running around to do for my trip I couldn't make it. "Baby can we please start over", asked James. I know you weren't expecting all of this but don't hold it against me "T". James poured the wine for both of them, saying "Truths". Teri was still a little upset, she walked over to the table to look at the movies that James got for them. Eddie Murphy Delirious,Purple Rain,Under the Cherry Moon, and Beat Street, as she read the titles out loud she just began to smile. He remembered some of her favorite movies of all times. Did I do ok, he asked with a smile. Of course you did, you remembered some of my favorites, how do you do that Teri asked.

Which one do you want to watch first? Purple Rain of course Teri responded. Do you want to watch on the couch or in the bed? The bed is fine cause it is getting late. Teri led the way into the room and crawled up into bed. James put the movie in and as he got in the bed with Teri he mentioned how cute her sleeping attire was. She told him this guy got it for her but don't tell him I'm wearin it for you tonight. The two of them started to laugh and he turned and kissed her and thanking her for a wonderful evening. Right as she said thank you Teri's phone started to ring she grabbed and answered it. Hello, Hey baby come open the door, I'm outside. Teri stared at James and mouthed its Brian.......